Pompeii Products

120 West Travis Street
Holland, Texas 76534

Industrial & Foodservice

About Us...

 Pompeii Products is a family-owned business located in Central Texas in the small town of Holland. Our juices are made with only premium ingredients and freshly produced. Perfect for all cooking needs…sauces, salads, entrees and desserts have a fine quality of taste.  

Our Products...



Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, and Key Lime Juice. 

Including pulp, peel, puree, oil and more.

Why Choose Pompeii Products...

For Convenience

Pompeii's variety of products and sizes lets you reduce costs, eliminate waste, reduce labor costs, save time and solve storage problems.

For Quality

Our products are made from only high-quality ingredients.

For Consistency

There are no surprises with Pompeii's products and you won't have to worry about last minute adjustments.

For Versatility

Our products can be produced with or without preservatives (frozen), concentrated or single strength and any strength between 48 t0 400 GPL.

For Service and Delivery

Our products are there when you need them - all year long - located in Central Texas.



 We offer juices and concentrate in 4-1 gallon and 6-1/2 gallon cases; 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums made to your specifications. Our products can be produced with or without preservatives, concentrated or single-strength ranging from 48 gpl to 400 gpl.   

Suggested Uses...

BBQ Sauces


Flavored Teas

Fruit Bars

Fruit Drinks

Grill Cleaner

Ice Creams


Margarita & Daiquiri Mixers

Marinades & Tenderizers


Pie Fillings & Custards

Preserves, Jellies & Jams


Salad Dressings





Mission Statement...


 Pompeii Products, LLC is dedicated to producing the safest, highest quality lemon, lime and key lime juices and / or concentrates in the world.  Developing and maintain robust Food Safety programs is how we assure safety for every package, every day in every market.